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All players are required to follow the rules described below. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility. And also, I don’t ask you to look for excuses, sometimes even with very funny stories, we certainly believe that this can “really” happen, but the rules are the same for everyone.


Bad behavior:

Nicknames, names of guilds in which there is obscenity, insults.

Any graphics (guild icons, avatars) with political symbols, pornography, humiliation.

Quarreling (insulting, humiliating) another player(s)

Swearing is prohibited. Select expression.


Bugs, exploits, software:

It is prohibited to hide any bug found (server, client, web)

The player undertakes to immediately notify the administrator about the found bug.

It is prohibited to use bugs for any purpose.

Any clickers are prohibited.

Any modifications to the client are prohibited.

Any automation and bots are prohibited.


Fraudulent activities:

It is prohibited to transfer your account to third parties.

It is prohibited for non-owners to gain access to other people's accounts.

Exchange/sale of game values for real money is prohibited.

It is prohibited to impersonate an administration representative.

Absentee misleading of the administration is prohibited.

Explicit/implicit advertising of other game servers.


Abuse of gaming features:

Flooding/spamming of skills/messages is prohibited in places where players gather.

Passive presence on the BG is prohibited (if you come to the BG, go ahead into battle, otherwise you are considered AFK)

Flooding of item sales in #main chat is prohibited.

Kill stealing (hitting a monster that is being hit by another character/party) is prohibited.

Does not apply to “summoned monsters” (events, brunches, gvg-zone, MvP)


Filing Complaints:

Complaints can be filed using Discord (by sending a personal message to user [Salfer] in the following form:

Violation of rules # name of what was violated from the list above.

Nickname of the offender's character.

Evidence of the violation (screenshots, videos, with a detailed description of what is happening) Time and place of the violation.

If the administrator is online, ask to be present in person to record violations of the rules by third parties.


About blocking:

Punishments for violations begin with warnings and end with bans of all game accounts.

The decision on punishment depends on the severity of the offender.

The administration periodically randomly checks players for compliance with the rules.

The administration (not to be confused with helpers) is not obliged to account for its decisions.

The blocking periods are confirmed with the administrator personally using any available contacts.


Disclaimer of Warranties:

The project is provided on an “as is” basis, that is, without guarantees of quality and suitability for any express or implied purpose of a particular User(s).

The Administration does not guarantee that the Project will operate continuously and error-free.

The Administration has the right (and this is an essential condition for the provision of services) without giving reasons to deny access to all Users or any of them temporarily or permanently, to delete any information or any content posted by the User within the framework of the Project.

The Administration does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy, relevance, harmlessness and reliability of the information posted on third-party Internet resources, links to which are posted within the Project.

When clicking on these links, the User understands that he acts solely at his own peril and risk.

The User confirms that he uses the Project’s services at his own peril and risk and understands that the Administration is not responsible for third-party Internet resources, software that are or may be associated with the Project at the moment or in the future.

The Administration does not guarantee that any information posted by users within the Project will meet the criteria of reliability, accuracy and relevance. The Administration does not guarantee that information posted by other users cannot cause moral harm, harm to health or losses to the User.


Exclusive and copyright:

The Administration is the copyright holder of the Project. The User voluntarily selects the Project to receive services. The User is aware that there are similar projects on the Internet and if he disagrees with the rules of the Project, the User has the opportunity to receive services within the framework of other projects - the Administration does not force or impose the Project’s services on the User.

The User does not have the right to modify (copy) the software used within the Project in any way, or reverse engineer it, which means decompiling the software in order to determine the structure, design, concept and methodology for providing services.

At the time of acceptance of the Agreement, the User has reached the age of 18 or has full legal capacity in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The User plans to use the Project’s services for legal and bona fide purposes.

The User assures the Administration that he has fully read the terms of the Project Rules and undertakes to comply with them, as well as constantly independently monitor changes.

The Administration assures the User that it is not a representative of the copyright holder of the computer game Ragnarok Online.

The Administration does not sell (does not provide licenses) pirated versions of the computer game Ragnarok Online, but rather directly encourages Users to purchase licensed versions of this game in 4game, Steam and other similar stores.

The administration does not provide any services in the computer game Ragnarok Online Electronic resources and software. We have developed and are using the game mod The Elder scRO online, which allows Users to gain new experience of interaction with each other, additional formats of gameplay in the computer game Ragnarok Online.



Mail: scro.salfer@gmail.com